To Everyone Who Has Given Too Much Of Themselves To The Wrong Person

Have you ever felt that you gave a lot of yourself, too much of yourself someone who didn’t deserve any of you?

Perhaps you are one of the those who searches for only the beauty and the good in others.. even with your psychological, and mental well being at risk.

In the event that you are one of these individuals, know that you have a pure, beautiful, genuine and kind heart. You generally observe the positive qualities in individuals, and you accept that everybody has a splendid sparkle in them. You focus on the few wonderful little things others don’t see. This nature of yours is the thing that makes you so remarkable though it may have caused you to be blinded by your pure heart in the past.

You may have frequently attemped to make sense of and to fix the broken pieces of someone in the past. Nonetheless, not every person has valued your kind soul. Some have used you and utilized your graciousness against you for their own benefit. Those individuals are going to deplete your vitality out until you don’t have anything left to give them, taking advantage of your genuine heart.

What you can be sure of is that your integrity is not the slightest bit a shortcoming. You are strong. You are beautiful and deserve the very best in life and in a partner!

You deserve a love as profound and real as the one you were so eager to give. Tragically, there are fake and ungrateful individuals in this world. Nonetheless, your generous heart wouldn’t permit you to concentrate on or see through to their negative aspects in the beginning. You may feel or have felt lost and depleted for a while. But you will bounce back!

In your life, you may have gone through some unfortunate situations and relationships with individuals that have continually played mind games with you. These individuals may have utilized each open door they needed to control you and get what they wanted. They may have caused you to do things that benefit only themselves, without thinking about you at all by any means.

You may have been told lines, lies and stories by someone doing their best to manipulate you. They never gave you the time and consideration you needed back. You never felt a sense of security with them, and you were consistently the one in the relationship who needed to deal with everything. This is not even close to a healthy relationship.

That is ‘Not’ what love is, and you know it.

Not at all. But what goes around, comes around. And although it’s never your style to wish hardship on anyone, it does seem that Karma always has a way of bringing someone’s treatment of others to surface at some point in life.

It will be easy to see the controlling and negative qualities in them later on when you look back, despite the fact that you did try to give your best at the time when your beautiful soul only saw the good. It will be their great loss.

Despite the fact that they would take for granted such a large part of your soul, your mindful nature won’t let you ever give up. You should be genuinely cherished. For your beautiful heart, soul and character as well as for all the many various lovely things you are as a person. These are not the people you need to be engaged with and giving too much of your time to. Be blessed it came to an end. You will eventually move on and continue to be the best you that you can be. You don’t give up easily.

You got this!

You move on, and you are too beautiful a soul to ever lose hope. You still realize that one day you will meet the cherishing and loving person that you know is out there just for you. The person who will cause you to forget and put behind all the others and the heartache and agony they caused you to feel.

Use your time alone to continue growing as an individual aperson, loving who you are and just enjoying your life and your own company – be whole alone. Learn to feel complete alone. At the right time when it’s meant to happen, the one who truly will love, appreciate and adore you wholeheartedly will enter your life.

Never allow anyone to change your amazingly beautiful heart and smile. Keep being your lovely self and don’t ever lose that beautiful spark that makes you, ‘You’.

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