A True Friend. Know Who Is Real And Who Isn’t

Has it ever amazed you how you meet certain people out of billions in the world? I believe some people come into our lives for a reason, a season and some a lifetime. Keep reading the 4 signs of a true friend.

1. They accept and love you regardless of your shortcomings and flaws.

A real friend would prefer not to transform you into something that you are not. They know and have acknowledged many of your great and not so great sides. They regard your opinion regardless of how it differs from their own. They respect the differences between you both. What’s more, that is the reason you generally feel calm when you’re together. They accept you for you.

2. They have your back.

You realize you can generally depend on them and their loyal support. You know that they will always have your back in a heartbeat. They realize you would do likewise for them. They don’t ever let anyone speak down on or negatively of you.

3. They cheer you on.

Friends that aren’t true can feel a tinge of jealously in regards to your accomplishments and wins in life. These are ‘Fake’ friends. Real friends celebrate the great moments, milestones, winnings and goals. They love seeing you happy verses a fake friend who may find pleasure in your losses, low times and even in your sadness

4. You pick up where you left off.

You don’t need to continuously be in contact with one another to chat or doing something together. You both have schedules and they understand that. They consider and care about your feelings. They randomly call or message you to say hi and ask how you because they are genuinely concerned about you. They always hope that you are happy and doing well, regardless of how often you get to chat or see each other.. but you always pick up where you left off.

Real friends are PRICELESS. Treasure them.

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