May you always have the strength and courage to carry you through to new beginnings in life.

10 Ways To Build Trust In Relationships

1. Be honest

Let your words always be true. Honesty is very important in any relationship. Every lie told diminishes the trust in a relationship. Be honest and true to your words.

2. Learn how to communicate effectively

One of the biggest reason that relationships often break down is due to poor communication. Good communication includes being very clear about what you say, what you feel, and what you have or have not committed to.

It takes risk on both sides to build trust. You will need both you and the other person to take risks to prove trustworthiness. Remember that communication is key. When there isn’t clear communication, the messages you’ve meant to send aren’t the messages that will be received.

3. Building trust takes time

It takes time to build trust. Don’t impatiently expect it overnight. Some people take longer to earn trust because they may have trusted an unloyal or untrustworthy person in the past.

Take little steps and follow through with little commitments and as the trust grows, you will be comfortable with making bigger commitments.

4. Make decisions and commitments effectively

Do not make commitments you can’t keep. It’s okay to say no to someone if you know you are unsure or know you will not be able to follow through. Not keeping commitments or making decisions you are unsure of and can’t keep will destroy trust in relationships.

Stay organized and be clear about what you are able to take on or commit to. Being organized and clear about what you can handle on your plate lets you make clear decisions on if you can give your time and energy or not.

5. Be Consistent

When someone is there for us through the good and bad times, we will learn to trust them. Regularly showing someone that you’re there for them is an effective way to build trust.

Consistency builds trust. Show them that you value the relationship.

6. Contribute and participate

Taking an active role and contributing your part will most likely cause others to respect and trust you. When building trust in a relationship or in a team, it’s also important to show your willingness to trust others.

Engaging demonstrates trust as apposed to not contributing or showing willingness to be part of the team. By participating and listening actively to what another has to say will build trust in and a willingness to know your thoughts and feedback respectively.

7. Be true to what you say

You want the person you are in a relationship with to believe what you say. Follow through with your words and be careful not to make promises that you are not able to fulfil.

Keeping your word builds trust and respect in the relationship. However, if you say one thing, but do another, trust will be lost.

8. Help others whenever you can

When you show kindness by helping another human without any benefit to you, it shows you are being authentic. Being authentic and kind towards others builds trust.

9. Admit when you make a mistake

Admit your mistakes, and don’t hide them. People often tend to know that you are being dishonest in some way. By being open showing your vulnerable side will help to build trust with people.

Everyone makes mistakes. If you pretend that you never make mistakes, you’ll make it difficult for others to trust you.

10. Share your feelings

Being open about your feelings is often one of the best ways to build trust. It takes some risk, but it is vital in a relationship on both ends. When people feel like you care, they will be more likely to gain trust you.

Acknowledging your feelings and taking action in communicating them is the key to building trust.

To Everyone Who Has Given Too Much Of Themselves To The Wrong Person

Have you ever felt that you gave a lot of yourself, too much of yourself someone who didn’t deserve any of you?

Perhaps you are one who searches for only the beauty and the good in others..

If you find yourself here, know that you have a beautiful, genuine and kind heart. You generally observe the positive qualities in others, and you want to believe that everybody is a good person. You focus on the few wonderful little things others don’t see. This nature of yours is the thing that makes you so remarkable though it may have caused you to be blinded a time or more in the past.

You may have frequently attempted to fix the broken pieces of someone. Nonetheless, not every person has valued your kind soul. Some have even used your graciousness against you for their own benefit. Those individuals will try to deplete you until you don’t have anything left to give them.

But remember that you are strong. You are beautiful and deserve the very best in life with someone who will respect and cherish you.

Sadly, there are fake and ungrateful individuals in this world. It seems that your generous heart always wants to see past the negative behaviour of others. You may feel or have felt lost for a while. But you will bounce back!

In your life, you may have gone through some unfortunate situations and relationships with some individuals that have continually caused you heartache and chaos. Perhaps they have caused you to do things that have benefited only themselves, without thinking about you at all by any means. They are selfish individuals.

You may have been told lies and stories by someone doing their best to manipulate you. They never gave you the time and consideration you deserved back. You never felt a sense of security with them, and you were consistently the one in the relationship who needed to deal with everything. This is not even close to a healthy relationship.

That’s not what love is, and you know it.

But what goes around, comes around. And although it’s never your style to wish hardship on anyone, it does seem that life always has a way of bringing someone’s treatment of others to surface at some point.

It will be easy to see the toxic qualities in them later on when you look back, despite the fact that you did try to give your best at the time when your beautiful soul only saw the good. It will be their great loss and regret one day.

These are not the people you want to be with forever. Be blessed it came to an end. You will eventually move on and continue to be the best you that you can be. You don’t give up easily. You realize that there are loving, genuine good people in the world.

You got this!

Use your time alone to continue growing as a person, loving who you are and just enjoying your life – be whole alone! Learn to feel complete by yourself. At the right time when it’s meant to happen, someone who will adore, appreciate and whom you can wholeheartedly trust will enter your life.

Never allow anyone to change your amazingly beautiful heart and smile. Keep being your lovely self and don’t ever lose that beautiful shine that makes you, ‘You’!

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