5 Things That Can Block Happiness

  1. Always focusing on what is wrong:

When you walk into a room, do you first notice the ugly chairs or the beautiful shade on the walls? When you see someone, do you notice the hairstyle you would never get or do you focus on the way they smile or the calming sound of their voice? When you focus on the good, you will begin to automatically see what is right as apposed to focusing on what is wrong. This awareness will bring you more joy as you focus on letting all the goodness fill your soul.

“Focus on the good and more good will come”

2. Hurrying Through Life:

Slow down. Slow down. Slow down. Life isn’t a race to run through. Don’t rush through being constantly busy, it goes by fast enough. We all get to the end, so why rush there? Take time in your day to cherish the little moments, the little things that make you smile, those little unexpected moments that warm your heart. Stop and breath in nature, smell the flowers. Really look into a child’s eyes and listen attentively when they speak. Take in the love, the laughter, the little moments of life, while you are there and completely present in them. Regularly, take quiet time alone for you, and let it be a place that brings you peace and perhaps some clarity in your thoughts. Some people find that being by the ocean, by the beach, or by the mountains or anything as far as nature goes can bring them peace. What brings you peace and clarity is gold for your soul.

“Don’t be so rushed through life that you forget to cherish the little moments”

3. Lack of gratitude:

I’m sure you have heard it before that when you are grateful for all you have, it seems that more goodness gravitates towards you. I truly believe this. I’ve seen it happen in life. I believe that being grateful for every little thing in our lives is so important. Be grateful for all you have, big and small.

“Gratitude is about loving all that you have in life”.

4. Living the “I’ll be happy when” motto:

Life is precious. We don’t know how much longer we have here on earth.. may it be three weeks or thirty years. So many people seem to postpone their happiness until something they are waiting to happen finally arrives. Some put their happiness on hold waiting for a new career, meeting the right person, next year’s holiday, for Friday etc. They never just enjoy the ‘Now’, where they are in this very moment, right now. Don’t be the person who puts off happiness waiting all week for Friday, or all year for summer. We need to learn to enjoy and be happy with all the little things that are sprinkled into our lives along life’s path. Don’t wish your life away. Learn to live in the moment. It’s where happiness is.

“Life and happiness are only ever guaranteed in the present moment”

5. Excessive talking and not listening:

When we are constantly talking, we don’t hear the world around us. When you become quiet and talk less, you will be available to hear important information and to just be present and to really listen, to others, to your heart, your soul. We can learn a great amount if we really begin to focus on listening to our inner voice, to people and to the world around us more.

“Listening is an art that we should all learn to create”

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